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Tumblrin’ and Twitterin’

For the foreseeable future, new material is going up at I’m also on twitter @itsandyhirsch.

Don’t go changin’, folks.

Image Dump 2012

Took a little time to work on some non-Varmints stuff lately. First up is something for the program for Staple, a super-cool Austin Con I’ll be at the first weekend of March. And for once I colored more than necessary. Gotta read those directions.

Now is clearly the time for a Woozy Winks reboot. If only as a backup in “Woozy’s Pal Plastic Man”.

…although I think from now on I just want to draw Skrulls. I like the idea of shape-shifters in ill-fitting uniforms.

Austin Comic Con

Don’t forget! I’m going to be at Austin Comic Con today through Sunday with copies of Varmints #1 and #2, three Doggie Houndser, Muttical Dogtor books, and some spare Idle Threats. Stop on by say “Eh, I expected more.”

Issue #2 is out there for the reading! Also: Graphicly!

Has it really been that long? Opie and Ned had a bit of a close call there in issue one, but now they’re back on the trail and about to run into a whole new batch of trouble. Ned’s got a new buddy, but Opie thinks he’s fallen in with a bad crowd. Surely she can be the positive sisterly influence that he needs, right? Don’t just sit there, head on over to and get reading!

The kids are also now on Graphicly, so you can read Varmints on almost anything with a screen with just one account!

And what witchcraft is this? You can even embed it all over the dang internet?!