Page title "Andy Hirsch"
In Earth orbit with the Moon beyond, an American astronaut and a Soviet cosmonaut attempt to nudge past one another as they exit their respective spacecraft. A variety of rockets, capsules, and space stations orbit behind. Title text reads "Science Comics: Human Spaceflight: Rockets and Rivalry." Credit reads "Andy Hirsch."

HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT: ROCKETS AND RIVALRY launches on 10/22 from First Second Books!

Once humans figured out how to launch rockets into orbit, the Space Race between the US and USSR began! Who will be the first to fly outside of Earth’s atmosphere, walk on the moon, or build a working lab in orbit? Follow the story of how the race to the moon became international teamwork in orbit, and find out how to travel at 17,500 mph, take a shower with no water, and go to the bathroom when there’s no gravity. When it comes to human spaceflight, the sky is not the limit!